Arrive stress-free
No baggage, no boundaries.

Explore hidden gems, wander off the beaten path, and immerse yourself in the magic of new destinations. We're here to ensure your luggage keeps up with your wanderlust, so you can play without limits.

Arrive stress-free
We ship, you play.

No one does vacations like us and no one deserves it more than you. We take care of the luggage logistics so you can focus on relaxation and recreation. We ship, you play – it's a match made in travel heaven.

The best way to ship luggage, boxes, and all your travel necessities.

What can I ship?<br>Everything (almost).

What can I ship?
Everything (almost).

From full hands to hands-free.

We're equipped to handle all your prized possessions including golf clubs, skis, and family essentials like strollers or car seats. The days of wrestling with cumbersome bags at the airport or strategically arranging your car's trunk are finally far behind.
Convenient? Always.

Convenient? Always.

Travel bliss without the baggage.

Reclaim your most precious asset - time - and devote it to what truly matters during your vacation. We're committed to making your journey through airports, to hotels, back home, and beyond as smooth as possible.
Fully-insured? Certainly.

Fully-insured? Certainly.

Ship & play with peace of mind.

We offer complimentary insurance, with the option to insure for more, to give you that extra boost of confidence. Consider it our way of saying, "Hey, we've got your back!”
Stress-free? Every time.

Stress-free? Every time.

You’ll never lift a finger.

The difference between a good vacation and a great one often lies in the finer details, like how you choose to travel to and from home. So, opt for the choice that allows you to say goodbye to baggage claim and hello to effortless adventures.
White-glove? Definitely.

White-glove? Definitely.

We’ll come to you.

We'll whisk away those heavy bags from your home, office, hotel, or any other location. We're committed to creating a travel experience that's marked by ease, comfort, and security.

How Ship & Play works

Shipping luggage has never been this fun, this affordable, or this easy.
Get ready to conquer the travel game one hassle-free shipment at a time!


1. Book

Schedule your shipment online or over the phone with a real person.
Print label & pack

2. Ship

Pack your boxes and bags and attach your shipping label. We’ll collect them or you can drop them off.
Attach label & ship

3. Travel

Sashay through the airport like a carefree jet setter and track your bags every step of the way.
Arrive stress-free

4. Play

Arrive at your destination to find your baggage already there!

We've got you covered

From our dedicated customer service team to our on-time guarantee, we want you to have a stress-free travel experience, packed with perks. Let's redefine the way you travel!

Complimentary insurance
included with every shipment.
Real people, real customer service 7 days a week.
Dedicated team that tracks your bags through delivery.
Exceptional service and value with competitive pricing.
Unbeatable white-glove service.
On-time delivery guarantee or your money back.

Ship & Play blog

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